Have This Mind

Dear Folks - I have tried over the past several years to be consistent in sending out the text of the talks I give to the Ordinary Life gathering on Tuesdays. My personal schedule has changed such that this is no longer a possibility for me. Consequently, I will begin sending these "summaries" out on Wednesdays. As you likely know, the posting of the talks, copies of the slides I use and the audio version of the talks to the Ordinary Life website are all posted by volunteers. We have tried to arrange it so that no one gets burned out in this process. This transition is a "work in process" so please be patient. The talk I gave this week in Ordinary Life sought two do two things: First, to clarify more on what is meant by "non-dualism." Second, to offer a brief summary of how Buddhism can contribute to this understanding. The text I used to speak from it below. As usual, the audio version differs somewhat. Much love, Bill Kerley


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