Going Toward Nirvana: Betting on God's Love

Dear Folks -


One well-known piece of advice from the teachings of Jesus is this: "Don't worry about tomorrow." He uses more words than this, of course, but that is the essence of the teaching. We could probably shorten it simply to - "Don't worry."


If we could give up being anxious, that would be heaven on earth for us, wouldn't it. It would be a bit of Nirvana. That's what I called the talk I gave in Ordinary Life this week -


Moving Toward Nirvana;


Betting on God's Love


I begin by responding to comments I got in response to last week's teaching. One of these comments was, "I really enjoyed your talk today but I didn't understand it." I amplify on why I consider that such a compliment and also make comments about Rob Bell's controversial new book, "Love Wins."


The text I used to speak from is below. The audio version is slightly different.


 Much love,


 Bill Kerley


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