Bread in the Wilderness

Dear Ones -

The opening lines of the talk I have written for Ordinary Life this week are these:

"I have nothing worthwhile to say to you today.

"Which may make this the most worthwhile talk I've given.

"Will you hang on to that conundrum until we are finished here today?"

My talk is based on this saying of Jesus:

"Our Father,
Give us the bread we need for today."

The way many people think about or relate to these words reduces God to some sort of cosmic bellhop who is supposed to do our bidding. What this teaching is really about are two things that are required for experiencing the realm of reality Jesus taught about and modeled: staying present and trusting. I'll amplify on this when we gather this week.

I look forward to seeing you this week in Ordinary Life.

Much love,

Bill Kerley


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