All Are In The Family

Dear Folks -


This week Ordinary Life began with a video that you can find at -


(Let the video load completely before playing it.)


The video was a fun piece of "magic" done on an iPad 2 and I showed it because both magic and technology fit with the talk I wanted to give.


The talk begins with the question, "What does it mean to follow Jesus."


We all follow some set of values in life and this talk was intended to provoke those who heard it to gain some clarity about what values they follow. My answer is that to follow Jesus means to develop the faith to be open to all that is and all who are. Because, if the least of us is in danger, so are we all. That's a summary of what I said.


The text I used to speak from is below.


Much love, 


Bill Kerley


To download audio, click here 


To download the written file, click here


To download the slides, click here