Spiritual Choice and Human Integrity: Give Life True Meaning

Dear Ones -

If you are new to Ordinary Life and want to know the thinking that lies behind
the current series I am doing, please visit the Ordinary Life website. There is
an explanation there -


If you would like to participate in an effort to increase interest in, awareness
of and attendance at Ordinary Life, we have created both a Twitter account an a
Facebook page for Ordinary Life.

You can follow Ordinary Life on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ordinarylifenow

You can check out Ordinary Life on Facebook at


Thanks to Richard Wingfield for setting up the Twitter account and thanks to
Adam Delouche for setting up the Facebook account and taking on administrative
responsibility to guide this experiment in increasing awareness of Ordinary

This will be a way, for those of you who have twitter accounts to "follow"
Ordinary Life and effortlessly pass on invites and information about what our
gathering is about. We'll see how this experiment works.

As for this week:

I have asked Michael Butera to speak to Ordinary Life this week. Mike is a
former Roman Catholic priest who is now, as he has been for years, in private
practice as a psychotherapist. He is a follower of the religious and spiritual
teachings of Adi Da.


Mike has spoken to Ordinary Life several times in the past and has always been
one of our most popular guest speakers.

This week he will talk more personally about his own spiritual path and
practice. The title he is using for
his talk is -

Spiritual Choice and Human Integrity:

Give Life True Meaning

I hope you will do yourself the favor of coming to hear Mike.

As you know, I am accompanying the St. Paul's fabulous choir to Exeter England
where they will be singing a week of services in residence there.

On the 17th Judy Willbratte will be presenting a class on the Enneagram. You'll
get a preview of that next week. I'll be back on the 24th.

Much love,

Bill Kerley


Click here to Download Buterra handout.pdf


Click here to Download audio 20110710.mp3