Nothing Left to Lose

Dear Folks -


If you were present in Ordinary Life this week, you heard Bryan Fillette make an appeal for a program called "Hospitality With EAC Friends." If you would like to assist with this, contact Bryan at 318-613-1194 or by e-mail at


One of the things that it means to be on an authentic religious and true spiritual path is to be free. My experience is that I am always finding places in my life where I am not free. One of the ways I personally discover this is by paying attention to what scares me. This is why I have come to believe that anxiety is the ego's take on genuine freedom.


This week in Ordinary Life I looked at some teachings of Jesus that underline the pacifist nature of both Jesus and the movement he started. He was against any system that oppressed people. What are we not seeing about our current situation? Where are we not free? These are the questions I attempt to deal with in the talk I gave in Ordinary Life this week. The full text that I use is below. As is often the case, the audio version is different in some significant ways.


Much love, Bill Kerley


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