From Adversity to Advantage: The Five Building Blocks of Resilience

Dear Ones -

What a treat this series of guest speakers has been! This week in
Ordinary Life we will hear from Herb Orrell. He "received a Masters of
Divinity from Drew University and has been teaching and writing on the
subject of spirituality and health for more than 25 years. As an
ordained clergyman, Herb has guided many patients and their families
through personal crises and trauma, helping them find meaning, hope and

Herb is the author of the breakthrough book on the grieving process,
Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief, and his articles have appeared in
numerous magazines and newspapers.

For the last 14 years Herb has been a consultant to some of the
world's largest corporations. His company Compassion IQ Learning and
Performance ( <> ) provides
innovative training in the areas of resilience, spiritual care, and
compassion fatigue prevention."

And for this week, Herb will be discussing, "From Adversity to
Advantage: The Five Building Blocks of Resilience." In summary of this
topic he says: "While we all face difficult and sometimes traumatic
events in life - illness, divorce, death of a loved one, unemployment,
financial crises - some people are able to transform these kinds of
events into powerfully positive transitions that bring them new
direction, deeper faith, and a richer more meaningful life. How do they
do it?

Is there a roadmap for resilience? What do successful resilience stories
have in common? I have walked with many people through crises and
trauma, and I've had some of my own. I've discovered there are five
building blocks to resilience and I'd like to share them with you. Hope
to see you Sunday, September 18."

Be Well,
Susanna Hooper





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