"What If . . . . ?



Dear Folks - 


This week I opened the talk I gave by reading the story of The Emperor's New Clothes in its entirety.


The presentation slides consisted of many of the illustrations found in the version of the story that I have. You'll have to go to the Ordinary website to see them.


The story ends, as you recall, by a child saying, "The emperor has on no clothes."


We live in a world - indeed, in many worlds - where the inability  to see "what is" is costing us dearly. What is it that blinds us, both individually and collectively, to the truth?


In summary, this is what the "life talk" I gave this week is about. I was motivated to give it because of a parable Jesus once told where he doesn't tell people what to do. Rather, he asks, "By what values are you living?" Because, the values we serve determine the world(s) in which we live.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the text in pdf click here 
Download 9:30:12 - Summary


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Download 9:30:12 - What If . . .?


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