Security Over Safety

Dear Folks -


What is the difference between safety and security? And, which of the two is the most important to you?


Further, why are we so fascinated with violence and murder? One reason is that we want to be safe. Another reason is that murder and murderers have made up a form of drama and entertainment for humans since the beginning of recorded history.


In the talk I offered this week in Ordinary Life I amplify on these matters, talk about the movie Bernie and one of Jesus' most mysterious parables. The parable is called by scholars "The Assassin" and is quite unlike most anything else we have Jesus saying.


The full text I used to speak from is below. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties unknown to us at the time and did not capture the audio of the talk. You can download the slide presentation which can be found on the website.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the text of the talk click here - 
Download 11:11:12 - Summary


To download the presentation slides click here - 
Download 11:11:12 - Security over Safety