Being Skeptical and Re-Enchanted

Dear Folks -


Many people have become cynical and/or disenchanted with both religion and politics. It is easy to see why as reason has been displaced by thoughtless ideology in both. People believe weird things because they either accept a falsehood or reject a truth.


Jesus told a story that we didn't really know was his until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is a story without a moral. It simply underscores the social and economic issues of his time - and ours. It is easy for us to accept falsehoods and/or reject truth about our own social and economic realities. This talk is about such and an encouragement not to become cynical or disenchanted but, rather, to be skeptical and re-enchanted.


The full text I used to speak from is below. The audio is somewhat different. It and the slide presentation can be found with the links below.


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Bill Kerley


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