Guest Speaker: Joseph "Cowboy" Benson, SEARCH

Dear Folks -


There is no text to offer of the presentation in Ordinary Life for this week. We had a guest speaker - Joseph "Cowboy" Benson - a director and spokesperson for SEARCH, a multifaceted ministry to homeless people in Houston. I highly recommend that you go to the Ordinary Life website and either listen to or download the audio of his talk. He was outstanding. His knowledge and grasp of the homeless situation in the Houston area is amazing. His own personal story of how he went from being a prosperous homeowner to being a homeless person himself and then his road back was moving and encouraging.


I believe it will be useful to you in many ways to hear what he has to say.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the .mp3 audio file, click here


There are no slides nor text for this presentation