Unprecedented Power

Dear Folks -


Steven Fenberg did an outstanding job in speaking to us in Ordinary Life this week. He spoke from his book, "Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones, Capitalism and the Common Good."


His talk was incredibly informative. There is no text of his talk. You can, however, either listen to it or download the audio as an MP3 file from the Ordinary Life website. I promise you, if you did not hear him, listening to his talk will be a worthwhile investment of your time.


I am very grateful to John Watson for arranging that Mr. Fenberg speak to our gathering.


Several people asked that I post the answers to the religious and biblical quiz that I gave on April 15. I have done so. Go to the posting for that week and you can download a pdf file of the answers.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


to download the audio file click here Download 2012.04.22 Audio