Have You Found Jesus?

Dear Folks -


If we expect and/or hope to experience healing for our own brokenness and to bring healing to our broken world, we must learn to live in the house of wisdom. Being found by wisdom is what our primary purpose in life is.


That is a two sentence summary of the "life talk" I gave in Ordinary Life this week. I based it on the parable Jesus told which is known as "the parable of the pearl of great value."


The full text I spoke from is below. You will find the audio version somewhat different and that is available on the Ordinary Life website as well as a copy of the slides I used to accompany the talk.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the text of the talk click here  Download 6:3:12 - Summary


To download a copy of the presentation slides click here  Download 6:3:12 - Have You Found Jesus?


To download the talk in MP3 format click here Download 20120603MP3