Dr. Stephen Klineberg - The Changing Face of Houston

This week we had Dr. Stephen Klineberg speak to us. For 30 years Dr.Klineberg has directed "The Houston Survey." No other city has been the subject of such intense analysis. He is a dynamic speaker.


After some opening remarks, he showed a brief film documenting his work and then spoke about it.


We cannot, for copyright reasons, reproduce the soundtrack of the film or the film itself. If you would like to secure a copy for yourself or schedule a screening and presentation for your organization, you can go to this website -




Dr. Klineberg was kind enough to allow us to share his presentation slides and the audio version of his talk. Both can be found on the Ordinary Life website.


It is truly worth the investment of your time to listen to what he had to say.


To download the presentation slides click here  Download St. Paul's TALK 07-22-12)


To download the audio version of the talk click here Download 20120722Mp3