Lose Your Mind - For God's Sake

Dear Folks -


This week in Ordinary Life I spoke about the importance of losing our minds so that we can come to our senses. The talk begins with some comments, some humorous and some not, from a variety of sources about what is sanity and what is not.


Spiritual teachers of all traditions have taught that very often people do not see what truly is because of the culture in which they are immersed. Jesus, for example, frequently commented on how people had eyes but did not see.


Very often these spiritual teachers are looked at by those who are at lower levels of development or who are invested in the "status quo" as being "crazy." This is how Jesus was seen by his family.


That's a brief summary of the talk I gave. The full text I spoke from is below. I gave the talk this title -


Lose Your Mind - For God's Sake! 


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the text in pdf format click here Download 8:12:12 - Summary


To download a copy of the presentation slides click here  Download 8:12:12 - Lose Your Mind


To download the audio of the talk click here Download 20120812 Mp3