Zen Master Miao Tsan

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There is no summary or text of Ordinary Life for this week. Here are the remarks I made to introduce our speaker. If you would like to download the audio of his talk on happiness and the question and answer period that followed, please go to the Ordinary Life website to do so.


Here are the opening remarks I used to introduce Zen Master Miao Tsan


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I want to welcome you to Ordinary Life.


If you are a first time visitor, I hope you have paid attention to the slides that were showing while we were gathering.


The content of Ordinary Life is about putting together insights from religion, spirituality and psychology that contribute to individual and communal growth in wise and useful ways so that we can live lives that contribute to a more compassionate and peaceful world.


You can get the talks that are given here in several ways: visiting the OL website or by having them sent to you via our list serve. There you can also learn how to have the talks delivered automatically as a podcast from iTunes.


Though at the moment I am making an effort to contribute to religious and spiritual literacy by focusing on the teaching and deeds of Jesus, the stance I take is that to follow any authentic religious tradition can lead one into Sacred Mystery.


Occasionally we are fortunate to have someone from the outside to come in and speak to us.


This is the third time that I have been with Master Tsan. The first was at the Bonuick Center at Rice University to facilitate a dialogue between the Master and Houston Jungian analyst Pittman McGehee. Then the Master came and spoke to us when we were meeting in the museum and now today.


Venerable Master Miao Tsan is the founder and abbot of Vairocana Zen Monastery and has dedicated himself to the propagation and practice of Zen. Vairocana Zen Monastery was founded in order to clarify the essence of Zen’s Mind teaching through a variety of skillful means.


Master Miao Tsan’s core belief – and the goal of his dharma teaching – is to lead people from every tradition toward an understanding of the all-pervasive, universally applicable truth. The universal truth transcends time, race and religion and is without exception. It is the only path for the dissolution of dualistic conflict and the resolution of disparate views among religions and their various sects.


Master Miao Tsan is the author of Just Use this Mind, The Origin is Pure, Intrinsic Awakened Nature, and Directly Actualize Buddhahood, originally published in traditional Chinese. Among those books, three have also been translated and published in English, Spanish, and simplified Chinese.


He has conducted hundreds of meditation courses as well as Zen-Seven and Zen-Three retreats in the United States, Mexico and Taiwan. Additionally, he travels to major cities in China, Taiwan, Mexico and the United States, where he visits universities, medical centers and television/radio stations.


Master Miao Tsan has vowed to spread and promote this universal truth around the world, through the wisdom of Mind teaching and the interpretive vehicles of contemporary knowledge. His goal is to open a universal path of wisdom and light for all beings coming and going in the Ten Directions.


He is going to speak to us today on Happiness and perhaps afterwards we will have time for some dialogue and question.


(To learn more go to www.miaotsan.com)


Much love,


Bill Kerley


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