Irritating Comfort

Dear Folks -


There are many reasons we miss transforming truths when they are presented to us. In this "life talk" I list some of these and suggest ways we might be open to "truth."


We easily defend ourselves from hearing "prophetic voices."


The teaching of Jesus I based this talk on is this: "No prophet has honor on his own home turf."


Prophetic voices are irritating when what most of us want is comfort. This is why I gave this talk the title "Irritating Comfort." Read on for that to make sense.


Go to the Ordinary Life website to download the audio, text and presentation slides. You'll find the cartoons (one not mentioned in the text) there as well.


Much love,


Bill Kerley




To download a copy of the text click here
Download 9:2:12 - Summary


To download a copy of the presentation slides click here 
Download 9:2:12 - Irritating Comfort


To download the audio of the talk click here Download 20120902 - Mp3