Signs of Hope in Violent Times

Dear Folks -


Randy Butler, founder and executive director of The Institute for Sustainable Peace spoke to Ordinary Life this week. The title of his presentation was -


"Signs of Hope in Violent Times"


There is no text of his talk but you can hear it or download it by clicking on the link below. In case you are not aware of it, you can also subscribe to the Ordinary Life podcast and have the talks automatically delivered to you. Go to the website to find out how.


Randy's talk was most compelling. He told stories of reconciliation and forgiveness between peoples who had been enemies for years and years. He ended his talk with his personal "witness" about how "peacemaking" has worked in his own life.


If you ever experience discouragement about the state of affairs in our nation or world, I encourage you to listen to what Randy has to say.


After his presentation Moritza Day, one of our class members, pointed out to me that Randy will be leading workshops sponsored by the Houston-Galveston Institute. The seminars are titled 


Collaborating for the Common Good


You can find out more information and, if interested, register for these events by going to 


The dates are Saturdays, February 2 and 16.


If you were unable to attend Ordinary Life this week, do yourself a favor and listen to his presentation.


Also, take the time to explore the Institute's website - 


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To listen to the talk, click here Download 20130127 - Mp3