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Summary of January 6, 2013


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Dear Folks - 


Before giving a brief summary and then the full text of the "life talk" I gave in Ordinary Life this week, I'd like to share some information with you.


As many of you know, my beautiful bride - Dr. Sherry Beeman - and I offer a relationship seminar several times a year that is sponsored by St. Paul's. Some time ago the complete seminar was recorded. Until just recently, however, we didn't have the technical ability (that means I didn't know how to do it) to make this readily available.


Thanks to the work of Susanna Hooper you can now either listen to or download the audio of this seminar. To do so go to the "Resources" page of




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This week in Ordinary Life I began what I had to say talking about how the sending and receiving of Christmas cards calls up for me an experience of both judgment and hope. If we are to experience hope for our future, we must develop the willingness to see that how we are currently doing things is neither wise nor useful. We have a choice - we can follow the teachings of Jesus to "go deeper within and further out." Or, we can keep doing what we are doing. One shift in awareness I suggest is adopting the position of embodying the belief that regarding our current situation(s) no one is to blame but everyone is responsible.


The full text I spoke from is below.  


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the complete text click here
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