In Whose Image?

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Summary of November 10, 2013



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Dear Folks -



The title I gave the "life talk" I offered in Ordinary Life this week is



In Whose Image?



The talk has two parts -



One is dedicated to increasing religious and spiritual literacy by talking about the particular incident in the Jesus story this talk is based on. It is about the time people asked Jesus whether they should pay taxes or not. He asked to see a coin and then asked whose image is on it. The answer was, "Caesar's." He then replied, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's."



The second part is an effort to share the results of my own contemplation on this incident and the application and relevance it has for the living of our lives. Being clear about who and whose we are contributes significantly to our being able to live lives that contribute to the well-being of the world.



The full text of the talk, the presentation slides and the audio of the talk can be accessed by using the links below.



Much love,



Bill Kerley



To access the complete text click here
Download 11:10:13 - Complete Text



To access the presentation slides click here 
Download 11:10:13 - In Whose Image



To listen to the talk click here Download 11:10:2013 - Mp3