Do You Want To Be Well?

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Summary of November 17, 2013


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Dear Folks -


We found out, after the fact, that we did not get an audio of this week's talk in Ordinary Life. The full text of the talk is below and you can find the presentation slides on the Ordinary Life website.


I began by asking a question I got years ago from Ira Progoff, the Jungian analyst. The question is: What had to happen for you to be here? It is not an easy or simple question to answer.


Then I gave a general overview of what I think, at the present time, it means to do psychological and spiritual work. We are to be involved in the process of becoming centers of freedom and love.


I did this kind of introduction because, other than dealing with the death of Jesus, we have reached the end of the version of the story I have been dealing with for months now.


The question the story raises is, "Do you want to be well?"


More often than not our response to this question is, "Yes, if I don't have to be different."


Below are links to the full text of the talk as well as to the presentation slides.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the complete text click here  Download 11:17:13 - Complete text


To download the presentation slides click here  Download 11:17:13 - Do You Want to Be Well?