Happy Talk With The Rev. Stephanie Warfield


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Summary of November 24, 2013



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Dear Folks - 



If you were present this week in Ordinary Life, you know what a treat we had. The Rev. Stephanie Warfield from Seton Spirituality Center in Austin, Texas was our speaker. I do not yet have a text of her talk but the audio is posted on the Ordinary Life website.



By the way, the website is getting more functional each week. My intent is to post blogs and resources there. Check it out.



There were not many presentation slides from Stephanie's talk but they are also posted.



Near the end of her talk she shared with us a video that fit the content of what she offered. You can view that video by going to -






I hope this holiday weekend is a good and safe time for you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer "life talks" in Ordinary Life and for those of you, both near and far, who take the time to be part of this journey. Thank you.



Below are links to the introduction I gave for Stephanie, the audio of her talk and the presentation slides she used.



Bill Kerley



To read the introduction click here  Download Warfield Introduction



To listen to the audio click here Download 11242013 - Mp3



To view the presentation slides click here  Download 11:24:13 - Happy Talk.key