Sacred Space


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Summary of November 3, 2013



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Dear Folks -



The title I gave the "life talk" I offered in Ordinary Life this week is



Sacred Space



When we lose the sense of where we are, we also lose an understanding of what the meaning and purpose of our lives are.



Doing wise and useful spiritual work is like getting an upgrade to our "operating system." We are constantly being lulled into a way of seeing, believing and behaving that our culture seduces us into. I call this the "ego-ic" operating system.



What we have to work at constantly is getting back on a path that honors the Self/Sacred operating system.



I end the talk by describing specifically how to undertake a daily spiritual practice.



Below are links to the complete text of the talk, the presentation slides and the audio.



Much love,



Bill Kerley



To download the complete text click here
Download 11:3:13 Complete text



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