The First Christmas

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Summary of December 15, 2013

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Dear Folks -
There are new postings on the here. One of this is about how the money that has been contributed to Ordinary Life has been disbursed. You are a very generous people. We are trying to figure out a way that “distant attendees” can also make contributions, if they do desire, through the website.
The title I gave the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week is


“The First Christmas”


It begins with first lines of famous novels.
Then I offer my understanding and interpretation of why the only two stories we have about the birth of Jesus are so very different. Without knowing and understanding this, we’ll miss the edgy and political truths they are trying to teach and will end up with cultural sentimentalism. 


The complete text, presentation slides and audio can be found using the links below.
Much love,

Bill Kerley

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