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Summary of December 29, 2013

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Dear Folks -


There is no text of a talk this week. What you will find below is the story I told to conclude the Ordinary Life time with. It expresses my hope for the coming year.

What we did in Ordinary Life this week was have a time of telling stories from Christmas times past, recalling other memories and sharing other personal matters.

I began by showing what I call “orphan cartoons.” These are cartoons I found throughout the year that I thought were funny but somehow never found a change to use.

This week, if you are interested, the best way to experience Ordinary Life is to go to the links below and look at the presentation slides and hear the audio

Even the story I told is better if you can see the slides that go along with it.

I hope that you and yours have had a good Christmas and that you experience a Happy New Year.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

Click here to see the presentation slides.

Click here to read the text.

Click below to listen to the audio.