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Summary of February 24, 2013


Dear Folks -


This talk begins by my asking attendees to give their responses to the following words: God, life, faith, church and worship. My contention is that whether we use these words or not, each of these things has some function in our lives. So I ask, and I got this idea from John Dominic Crossan years ago:


What is the character of your "God"?


What is the basis of your "life"?


What is the content of your "faith"?


What is the purpose of your "church"?


What is the function of your "worship"?


Most of the talk is about "the character of one's God" because my belief is that when that issue is resolved in a wise and useful manner, our lives and the lives of others will be better.


The audio version of this talk is, as usual, somewhat different than the printed version. The full text from which I spoke is posted here, as are the audio version and the presentation slides.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


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