The Wisdom of No Escape

Dear Folks -


Those of you with connections to St. Paul's are likely already aware that our Senior Minister, Dr. Jim Bankston, has announced his retirement. It will be effective at the end of June. Dr. Bankston has been instrumental in the creation of and support for Ordinary Life - among many other wonderful contributions. I will arrange for him to come and speak to us before he leaves St. Paul's.


This week's "life talk" focused on the important of developing awareness and skill in learning to be in the various worlds in which we live without either gaining or losing our identity from or in them. I called it


"The Wisdom of No Escape."


The full text from which I spoke can be found below as well as a link to the the presentation slides.


Much love,


Bill Kerley




To download the complete text click here 
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To download the presentation slides click here 
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