Gynecological Theology

Summary of April 14, 2013


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Dear Folks -


I called the "life talk" I offered in Ordinary Life this week "Gynecological Theology." I based it on one of the healing stories about Jesus where a woman with a vaginal hemorrhage was healed of her illness by touching the robe of Jesus. It is a well known story but seldom used as the basis of a talk.


I used it to reflect on how in both the inner and outer worlds we are "not well" because we have difficulty embracing and being embraced by what I call "the healthy feminine." Joan Chittister's influence on my thinking is apparent throughout the talk.


You can find the complete text, audio version and the presentation slides on the Ordinary Life website using the links below.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the complete text in pdf click here
Download 4:14:13 - C0mplete text


To download the presentation slides click here 
Download 4:14:13 - Gynecological Theology


To download the audio of the talk click here Download 20130414 - Mp3