Change - Dance of Life or Personal Ordeal

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Summary of April 28, 2013


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Dear Folks -


I want to thank Joe Hirsch for his excellent presentation on change that he offered in Ordinary Life this past week. There is no text for the talk as it is embedded in both the audio and slide presentation for the talk. You can find the audio version and the presentation slides on the links below


I encourage you to listen to this talk . Joe called the talk -


Personal Change:


A Dance of Life or A Painful Ordeal


Joe filled in for me while we were attending a conference with master teachers James Finley and Richard Rohr. I'll have more to say about it this coming Ordinary Life Gathering.


Much love,


Bill Kerley




To see the presentation slides click here 
Download Joe_change_Pdf_Ordinary Life


To download the audio of the talk click here Download 20130428 - Mp3