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Summary of June 23, 2013


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Dear Folks -


I have come to believe that a good metaphor for doing the inner work that contributes to psychological and spiritual growth is that of flying.


I begin this talk, "Learning to Fly," by talking about what psychological roots of my fascination of flying. As important as the psychology energies that contribute to our desire to be forever young and above it all are, it is also important to be grounded. Without this commitment to maturity and wisdom, we become isolated and fearful.


I based this talk on parable of Jesus about the farmer who had such a bountiful crop that he didn't know what to do with it. In his misguided effort to keep it to himself he lost his life.


If you were in attendance, you are aware that we had some technical difficulties showing all of the slide presentation. You can find the complete set of slides via the link below. There are also links to the audio version as well as the complete text of the talk.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


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