Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers

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Unfortunately we had "technical difficulties" and there is no audio of this week's talk in Ordinary Life. The presentation slides and the full text can be accessed using the links below.


The title I gave the talk was


 Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers


I began with Dr. Jim Bankston's observation in a talk he gave to the Breaking the Silence gathering this year that the church has lost its prophetic opportunity. The question/issue is whether people with a religious/spiritual message can remain relevant? There is a link to a You Tube video embedded in the talk that I HIGHLY recommend your watching.


The talk is based on the fundamental spiritual teaching to be found in all wise and useful religions - if you seek to save your life (that is, your ego), you will lose your life (that is, contact with the Self.)


The full text can be accesed with the link below.


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Bill Kerley


To access the complete text click here
Download 6:30:13 - Complete text


To download the presentation slides click here 
Download 6:30:13 - Losers Keepers