Strong Power, Powerful Strength

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If you attended Ordinary Life this week, you are aware that we have been having some difficulty with our setup in showing the presentation slides. Thanks to Richard Wingfield for stepping in and manually managing things. We are puzzled by this new wrinkle but are working this week to get it resolved.


Also, I just discovered that for some reason also unknown to us the audio version of the presentation has evaporated. Sorry about that because there was considerable difference between the text and the actual talk. We'll work to get this corrected also. I know there are many of you who prefer the audio to the text. We'll get this solved as well.


The title I gave this week's "life talk" was -


Powerful Strength


Strong Power


When men don't access the energies required to be powerful men rather than strong men, they always resort to some sort of competitive behavior that is usually harmless but often very damaging and destructive. What are the traits and qualities of full and complete manhood? This is what this talk is about.


The full text is below. The presentation slides can by clicking the link below as well.


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Bill Kerley


To download the complete text click here 
Download 7:7:13 - Complete Text


To download the presentation slides click here 
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