Always We Begin Again

Summary of August 4, 2013


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Dear Folks -


I had a great time doing the talk in Ordinary Life this week. The talk begins with the difficulty spiritual teachers have in finding fresh ways to present truths that people have heard for decades. If we approach such truths with such attitudes, it likely reflects that we are way off the path.


The story of Jesus that provoked this response is what we know as "the parable of the Good Samaritan." I talk about why it is that religions are so divided, even within themselves, and then what current applicability this story has for us. As part of this, Sherry Beeman, shares a story from her childhood on how she learned something from the "unexpected neighbor" and we ended the gathering doing something we've never done - singing a song. You can hear both on the audio - I am embedding the story Sherry tells in the complete text and am including a pdf of the song sheet on the website. However, for full impact listen to the audio and view the presentation slides.


The full text can be downloaded using the link below. The presentation slides, the audio and the song sheet can also be found on the links below.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


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