Being Multicultural and Inclusive with George Howard

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Summary of January 19, 2014


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Dear Folks -

I would like to encourage you to check out the other menu items of this site. You will find information about upcoming events as well as other postings.

If you go to my personal website - - and check out the menu item “Musings of Mind and Spirit,” you will find a recent posting about gratitude and a link to a video that will, I promise, move you will joy. It takes less than five minutes to watch and is well worth it.

There is neither text or presentation slides for the presentation that George Howard did in Ordinary Life this week. He talked with great enthusiasm and passion about his work in developing multicultural and inclusive ministry. You can hear the audio by going to the web site.

I will resume my teachings next week with a talk titled “Risking Being Relevant.”

Reminder: There is an Ordinary Life Happy Hour this Friday. Find out details on the events page.

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

You can listen to the audio by using the link below.