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Summary of January 5, 2014

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Dear Folks -

This week in Ordinary Life I resumed basing the “life talks” I offer on working my way through Robert Funk’s “The Gospel of Jesus.” The title of the talk for this week is “Living Our Metaphors.” This is an introduction to dealing with the stories told about the crucifixion of Jesus and how they are applicable for the living of our lives. The death of Jesus is a powerful metaphor not of what he did for us but what we did to him. During the talk a two minute video was shown of the history of the world. It is truly, at least to me, amazing. You’ll find a link to it in the text.

As is often the case, the audio is somewhat different from the text. The complete text, the audio and presentation slides can be found using the links below.

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

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