How To Laugh (& Cry) Through Breast Cancer with Ruth Evenstein

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Summary of November 9, 2014

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Dear Folks -

So you can mark your calendars, be aware that there is a Happy Hour scheduled for this Friday night. 6 - 8:30. Details are on the Events page.

As for this past week in Ordinary Life, Ruth Ebenstein spoke to Ordinary Life this week. She did an outstanding job telling her story of being a cancer survivor. Ruth is from Israel and in the process of her recovery she met and made friends with a Muslim woman from Palestine. They became sister in this process.

You can listen to the audio of her presentation by using the link below.

If you go to her website, you can also gain access to the two brief videos she closed her presentation with. I encourage you to do so. Her story was encouraging because it lets us know that beyond the decisions made by politicians and military folks most people seek the same kind of experience for themselves and their loved ones - the ability to make a decent living, enjoy their families and embrace hope for a secure future.

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley