Gone Fishin'

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Summary of December 7, 2014

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Dear Folks -

I began the talk I offered this week by giving a quick tour of “how we got to now” on this journey into mysticism and the mystical teachings of Jesus. Because of the teaching under consideration for this week I gave my talk the title “Gone Fishin’”. The demands of spiritual transformation are so great that the ego can’t do it. Perhaps the ego can take us to the edge of the territory but spiritual transformation is not something we do. Rather, it is something we allow to be done to us.

Below you will links to the text I used this week.  You can also use the links below to access the presentation slides and the audio of the talk.

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

To download the text of the talk click here

To view the presentation slides click here

To listen to the audio use the link below