Can We Afford to Be Prophetic

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Summary of February 2, 2014

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Dear Folks -

The talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week is the second of a two-part introduction to a series I’m doing on “Holy Week.” Though this talk is perhaps a bit more historical and “technical” than usual, it is my belief that if we don’t know this information, we can’t really hear the story. Further, if we can’t know or don’t know what the story really says, we won’t know what it has to do with us and the path of transformation our religious and spiritual practice is all about.

As if often the case, the audio version is different from the text and is best understood by viewing the accompanying presentation slides. All of this - the complete text, slide and audio can be found by using the links below.

 Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

To view the complete text click here

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