The Trouble With Truth

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Summary of April 27, 2014



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Dear Folks -

This week in Ordinary Life I began a new series on the meaning of Easter and the faith that flows from it.

In summary: The Easter stories that we have differ considerably from each other and developed over a long period of time. Just as with the birth stories, people think they know this story when likely what we know is an amalgam of bits and pieces, most of which are late in development, that have been squashed together to make one apparently coherent whole.

To say such things about the birth stories of Jesus doesn’t stir as much of an emotional response as “questioning” the nature of the Easter story (or stories.) It is virtually impossible not to be affected by some form of fundamentalism, either soft or hard, when it comes to these stories.

That’s the trouble with truth. It changes everything. Perhaps, even us.

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 Be well!

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Bill Kerley 

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