Seeking to Have a Myth-Understanding

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Our sophisticated digital recording equipment must have had a lot to eat before our gathering in Ordinary Life this week because it could not hold another byte. That’s a way to let you know there is no audio of this week’s talk. The presentation slides are available on the website and are essential, I think, to understanding the talk.

One of the things I began with is the fact that on July 2, we are going to go on the last route of the pilgrimage commonly known as “the way of St. James.” It is the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In the talk I speak of this journey and show pictures from a former one we took.

The plan is for me to be able to take photos and post them, along with text, as we go along the route. If you go to the Ordinary Life website and choose “Pilgrimage Trip” from the menu items, you can learn more.

The talk I offered this week in Ordinary Life, along with next week’s, brings to an end the series I have been doing on “Rethinking Resurrection.” Next week’s talk will be about “hope.”

In this week’s talk I spoke about how important it is to both understand and be understood. If, however, we are to go further along and deeper into the spiritual journey another kind of understanding is called for. This involves developing the willingness and skill to understand and be understood by spiritual truths at the “mythic” level. It takes both “logic” and “myth” to discern spiritual “truth.” Our culture is drowning in “logic."

 The complete text I spoke from is below. The presentation slides can be found on the Ordinary Life website. 


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Bill Kerley 

To view the complete text, click here

To view the presentation slides, click here

There is no audio available for this week's presentation.  Apologies.