I Only Want To Hope You

Dear Folks -

This talk I gave in Ordinary Life this week wraps up a series I have been doing on “Rethinking Resurrection.” I gave it this title -

“I Only Want to Hope You.”

There is a huge difference between hope and optimism. I plan to add an extensive piece to my own personal website about the role of optimism because it plays such a rule in our being able to fulfill the moral obligation to be happy.

Hope is a decision people make to live a certain way. It comes as a result of a spiritual practice that gives people a new script to read in the living of life. We are all given scripts when we come into this world by the tribe into which we are born. Many people read their tribal scrips all their lives. Sometimes without being aware that this is what they are doing.

In this talk I offer a suggestion about a new script to follow and also suggest that the following, the searching matter much more than the finding.

 The complete text I spoke from is below, the presentation slides and the audio version can be found on the Ordinary Life website. 

  Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

To view the complete text, click here

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