The Elusive Mr. Wesley

Dear Folks -

 As you know I am on my Pilgrimage to Santiago.  You can click on the "Pilgrimage Trip" link on the left side of the page to see the latest posts I have made about our journey.

 Dr. Randy Zercher is speaking at our Ordinary Life classes while I am away, and this week Randy spoke about "The Elusive Mr. Wesley".  Randy provides a summary of this week's class:

 "In the first of three talks about the Wesleys and Methodism I talked about the faith landscape in which we find ourselves: polarized, post-modern and "consumerized." I suggested that Wesleyan theology and practice would be a good place to ground ourselves as we pick our way through this landscape.

 Then I looked for the elusive Mr. (John) Wesley, explaining why he was elusive. I also described a few of his less heroic traits and, at the end, tried to suggest the qualities of Mr. Wesley that we SHOULD emulate.

 It seemed to me that the text and the images didn't stand as well by themselves, so I incorporated the images into the text of my talk."

 Many thanks to Randy for a thought provoking talk.

 Be well!

 Much love,

 Bill Kerley 

For the complete text and combined presentation slides, click here 

To listen to the audio, click on the link below.