Inhabiting and Being Inhabited

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Summary of August 17, 2014

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Dear Folks -

Looking at the teachings that lead to increased freedom and love is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Look one way through the lens of history. Turn the scope and look at the same thing through the lens of psychology. Twist again and look through the lens of religious tradition. What I am doing now in Ordinary Life is looking at the teachings of Jesus through “mystical” lens. I’m using the Gospel of Thomas to do this.

The talk I offered this week - “Inhabiting and Being Inhabited” is the last of a fairly long introduction to this new “series.” I use two to the miracle stories to illustrate how mystical teaching can proceed.

In brief: mysticism is not about having a “personal relationship” with Jesus or God. Rather, it is about union with the Sacred. This week’s talk elaborates on this.

 The complete text I spoke from, the presentation slides and the audio version can be found using the links below. 

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley 

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