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Summary for October 4, 2015

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Dear Folks -

Several things contribute to the divisions and divisiveness that bedevils our world.

One is the fact that there is little emphasis put on the necessity for people to grow and develop in the various intelligences that are needed for the well-being of the common good. I’m thinking of the importance for people to grow in emotional, relational and spiritual intelligence. Our world view of competition, possessions, power and prestige trumps all of this for many people.

Another factor is that people are not taught how to see but, rather, what to see. People are told, “Here is the truth. Believe this and act accordingly.” This may be helpful when teaching children not to play with fire or cross the street unless the light is green. But in adulthood, in learning how to “love our neighbor,” this kind of thinking clearly doesn’t work.

The “life talk” I offered in Ordinary Life this week is about knowing which “world view” out of which we operate and how to step into the wonderfully terrifying but life-giving world of non-duality.

You’ll find the entire text using the link below. In actual delivery I cut out several pages due to time constraints. That’s why, if you listen to the audio, it will seem so different. You can find the presentation slides and the audio version as well by using the links below.

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, you are welcome as part of the Ordinary Life community. Please feel free to pass this e-mail on to others.

Much love,

Bill Kerley

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