The Francis Factor - Part III

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Summary for November 22, 2015

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Dear Folks -

First, below you will find a link to an Op-Ed piece written by St. Paul’s Senior Minister and published by the Houston Chronicle on Monday, November 23. It is an effort to have a different narrative than the one that is currently garnering so much publicity about the Syrian refugee crisis. I wanted you to be aware of it.

I want to thank Dr. Randy Zercher for teaching the past three weeks in Ordinary Life. He gave three talks on his reaction to and reflections on attending the conference put on by Richard Rohr’s organization, The Center for Action and Contemplation, where the two main speakers were Sister Dr. Ilia Delio and Shane Claiborne. This week his topic was -

Joy IN Poverty

Unfortunately, we have no audio of the presentation. The text of his talk and the presentation slides, as well as an audio of an interview with Shane Claiborne are on the Ordinary Life website. There are embedded links in those files to other audio and video pieces that Randy used in his talk.

I will return to teaching next week and I hope, even though it is a holiday weekend, you will be able to attend. The title I’ve given what I want to say is -

Sneaky Spirituality and Religion for the Birds

Also, I remind those of you in the Houston area that the next Ordinary Life Happy Hour is December 11. Details are on the website.

Be well, and much love.

Bill Kerley

To read Senior Minister Tommy William refugee crisis op-ed click here

To read the text of Dr. Zercher's talk click here

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