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Summary of February 15, 2015

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Dear Folks -

The role of the spiritual teacher is to dislodge us from the notion that the place where we have come to in our journey is far enough. Sometimes we receive this news with joy. More often than not, however, our response is fear or irritation - or some combination of both.

One response we make to things that dislodge us, because they usually catch us off-guard or by surprise, is seen in the abbreviation many use when texting - OMG! I used this phrase as the title of the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week. Actually, you will see if you read the talk that the phrase did not originate with texting but was first used in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917. Our goal is to be always amazed by the miracle of “what is."

You can read the text using the link below. As is often the case, the audio version is somewhat different from the text from which I spoke. The The audio version and presentation slides can also be accessed using links below.

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley

To read the complete text of the talk click here

To view the presentation slides click here

To listen to the audio use the link below