Disturbing Peace

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Summary of June 21, 2015

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Dear Folks -

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This week we look at another one of the profound paradoxes involved in spiritual teaching. Though the news about what is going on in our world - how we are destroying not only each other but also the planet - is disturbing, how we get to a new level of consciousness, one where true change might occur, will likely involve being even more disturbed. The first task of wise and useful teachings is not to comfort but to challenge. If we are numb or asleep, we won’t be able to hear the Truth about “what is."

Two events in our culture provided a door for me to enter to get into the teaching this week. One was the Pope’s encyclical about climate change. The other was the tragic shooting, labeled now by most as a racist and terrorist act. I called the “life talk” I offered -

“Disturbing Peace”

The complete text, the presentation slides and the audio of the talk can be accessed using the links below.

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Bill Kerley

To read the complete text of the talk, click here.

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