For God's Sake, Lose Your Mind!

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Summary of June 7, 2015

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Dear Folks -

Once every six weeks or so we have an experience called Odyssey. During this time, Brooke Summers-Perry teaches Ordinary Life while I am giving a homily in one of the services at St. Paul’s.  The audio version of that service has already been posted on St. Paul’s website. The printed version is both below, on the Ordinary Life website and will be posted on the St. Paul’s site before the week is over. Click here to be taken to that site. 

There is all the difference in the world between a homily and the “life talk” I normally do in Ordinary Life. For one thing, the homily has to conform to the liturgical and lectionary standards that are a part of St. Paul’s long standing tradition. For another, in Ordinary Life I have the luxury of having plenty of time to develop and present the material I’m trying to convey. A homily, in that setting, must be fifteen minutes or less.

At any rate, the point I chose to focus on in this particular homily is the fact that Jesus’ relatives, including his mother, thought at one point that he was “out of his mind.” And, his invitation is for us to “follow him.” Is this an invitation for us also “to lose our minds”? I think so. The title I gave the homily is -

“For God’s Sake, Lose Your Mind"

The complete text can be read by clicking here. There are no presentation slides and audio can be found on St. Paul’s website.

In Ordinary Life Brooke Summers Perry’s presentation was titled -

When Time Stood Still

You can learn more about what Brooke teaches on her website. Click here to go there. The presentation she did this past week is posted on her site. Go to her site and look under the menu item “Take Action.” You can also find her on Facebook. Click here to go there. 

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley