Imago Relationship Therapy - Part One

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Summary of July 12, 2015

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Dear Folks -

As you know I am away from Ordinary Life for three Sundays, this last Sunday being the first. Roddy Young, LCSW, therapist, friend, and long time member of Ordinary Life, spoke to you in my absence, and his topic was 

"Imago Relationship Theory and Therapy:  Insights and Techniques For Thriving in a Relational Cosmos"

Roddy began this first of a three part series by providing the background for understanding the nature of our relationships.  When we enter into a new relationship, much of what we experience with the 'other' is unconscious in nature.  Our initial infatuation, our feeling of attraction and completeness is the result of thoughts and feelings we have no direct control over; they just happen.  

Similarly, when the relationship moves into  the next stage, one of unmet expectations and disillusionment, what we feel and experience is again driven by the unconscious.  Our challenge, then, is to become aware of what drives us unconsciously, and then take conscious actions to make a difference in the relationship.

One way to become more aware of what drives us unconsciously is to become more aware of the things that mold and shape us.  Roddy explained that virtually every person in the world has needs that were unmet by those around her or him.  Our socialization messages include those which build us up and make us whole, and those messages which repress who we really are.  

Roddy closed his presentation with an invitation to return next week to learn how we can take what we discover about our own unconscious selves and consciously apply that to our own relationships.

Roddy spoke extemporaneously; hence, there is no accompanying text this week.  However, the presentation slides and audio version of the talk can be found using the links below.

Be well!

Much love,

Bill Kerley

To view the presentation slides click here.

To listen to the audio of the talk, use the link below