ZOE - An Empowerment Program For Vulnerable Children

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Summary for February 28, 2016

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Dear Folks -

In Ordinary Life this week we had representatives from ZOE speak to us. Our speakers were the Rev. Gaston Warner and Joellen Snow. Both were passionate about this program.

ZOE is a holistic, three-year empowerment program helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children achieve their dreams.  ZOE is currently serving over twenty-eight thousand orphans and vulnerable children in seven countries and across three continents including:  Africa, India, and Guatemala.

It is my hope that Ordinary Life, as well as the wider St. Paul’s community, can participate financially in adopting an orphan “family.” You will hear more about this.

There is no text of their presentation and no presentation slides. There is an audio which you can access using the link below.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To download and/or listen to the presentation use the link below.